Ask Syrup

Tips of the Trade

Many bartenders have learned trade secrets over time during their professional careers. We have actually cut the learning process in half; and decided to give SYRUP Magazine readers a head start.

Here are a few tips of the trade:

1. Ice
Make sure you have plenty of ice on hand and always make sure it's fresh.

2. Juice
Use premium quality fresh bottled juice, if you don't have the time to squeeze the juice yourself. This will definitely define the taste in mixed cocktails.

3. Dilute
Do not allow a drink to sit in the shaker and don't shake a cocktail too long. Once it has been shaken it will continue to dilute the alcohol. This will make it watery and affect the taste of the drink.

4. Proportions
A good drink = A good taste. The way a drink tastes is important when making cocktails. Make sure you get a good balance of flavors, even if you are being generous with the alcohol.

5. Premium Liquor
When mixing drinks you should use premium liquor. It will definitely “make or break” your cocktail.